Ceacior is a prospering kingdom to the western side of The Great River, ruled by a dragon king.  Each city in this united kingdom has a different purpose for serving both their king and their people.  According to some of the residents, it has often been considered the richest and most civilized kingdom ever established in Perdita.  However, not every creature views it and it’s establishments this way.  Some consider the king a tyrant, claiming that he treats his people as simple slaves and puppets for his own demise.  So who is right on the subject of Caecior and it’s king?  All I can say is that you’ll have to read the stories, and decide that one for yourself.

In the meantime, let’s explore and learn a little bit about the cities and residents of Caecior.


The capitol city of Caecior.


The city that provides lumbar for building, and keeps the population of trees large and ready for the kingdom’s needs.

shade Shade shade

The city that provides trained warriors to protect and fight for the king and the residents.

snapshot_1418424356676Red Rocksnapshot_1418424356676

The city that provides schooling, libraries, and a vast variety of knowledge for the scholars of Caecior.  It is also concidered Caecior’s birthplace of culture, where poets, writers, artists, dancers, barbs, musicians, comedians, acrobats, entertainers, and actors are born.


The city that provides all black smithery; creating tools, armor, inventions, and weapons alike.  The creatures who live here are often given the degrading nickname “wet-pelts”.

snapshot_1418424355693Trout’s Passsnapshot_1418424355693

A simple fishing town.

snapshot_1418424357986Serpent’s Placesnapshot_1418424357986

The city that provides knowledge and training in medical practices and science, and is also responsible for growing medical herbs for the kingdom.

snapshot_1418424358493Sky Firesnapshot_1418424358493

The city that has several mines, and the creatures there mine valuable materials for trade for the kingdom such as stone for building, ore, gold, etc.


The city that provides food, including harvested wild foods from the forest and hunted game, also provides skins and furs to Water Horse for creating cloth and leather.  Even though their town is next to a swamp, they are not considered “wet-pelts” because they are at the edge of the swamp on a higher part of land where the land is usually dry.  They also tend to not spend much time at home, and are usually out scouring the land for food and game.


snapshot_1418424359170City of Water Horsesnapshot_1418424359170

The city that is known for it’s architects along with it’s creation of fashionable garments and accessories for each town.  Jobs here include: jewelers, clothier, capper, cobbler, draper, cordwainer, etc.


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